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Hi Everyone,

Below is a list of the most widely reported issues in Top Drives and, where possible, the status of those issues. It's worth checking this list if you think you've encountered a problem as we may have already been alerted to it. Thanks :)

We’ll keep this post as up to date as possible as new issues are reported and try and get as many of these fixed as we can!

The event that I'm trying to play in errors whenever I try and race

This is a rare bug that causes a server error whenever you tap "Go" and try to race in an event. We know the cause and will push a fix out soon.

Car stats are wrong!

We have created a thread in the “Report a Bug” section of the Top Drives forum. Any errors may have been reported by other players. If not, let us know and we’ll look into it!

I lost against an identical car - but mine was upgraded!

On some challenges, some upgraded cars will lose against identical non-upgraded versions - it often happens on slalom challenges. We know that this is an issue with the match resolver but it’s hard to nail down exactly what’s causing it. We are looking into it!

My car’s top speed is greater than 150 mph but it can’t reach that speed in certain challenges.

The track for the 0-150 challenges are 3 miles long (about 5km). This is the distance in which your car needs to be able to hit 150mph. Not all cars will be able to achieve this. If you check the back of the card you will can see all your cars stats. It’s important in these challenges to pick cars that have a high 0-60 and plenty of power and torque - torque gets you up to top speed and power keeps you there.

DNF on Germany 10

On the first challenge of the Germany boss match, the the opponent will not be able to finish the race. This can lead to some unfair scoring as the game doesn’t penalise the opponent appropriately. This is another issue with the match resolver - quite a complicated bug - but we are investigating.

Loading and saving hands is broken

The ‘save hand’ and ‘load hand’ feature allows you to keep your most used hands stored for use whenever the need arises. Unfortunately it’s broken at the moment - but we’ll be pushing the fix live soon :)

Some of the stages in the first campaign location (UK) won’t unlock.

There should only be a few players affected by this - if you are one of them, get in touch via the in-game help and support tool (accessed from the in-game settings menu) - we can fix it for you.

I didn’t get my Google Play achievement.

We are looking into reports of some Google Play achievements not firing. We have fixed “Serious Car Collector” (own 100 cars) - this fix will be in a future update. We are investigating others including those for clearing all campaign boards and winning each campaign stage with 3 stars.

“Watch an ad for free gold” button doesn’t work.

We know that sometimes pressing this button can lead to a black screen, and sometimes simply will not load an ad. This is complicated to fix but we are working on it. In the meantime, restarting the app and trying again often sorts the problem out.

I didn’t get my RQ reward pack.

RQ packs aren’t given at every level - only the following: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 125 :)

I can’t see how much gold it costs to buy slots.

In some languages (for example French) the translation means that text is cut off - we know about it and will hopefully have it fixed soon. For now, 5 Slots are 400 Gold, 10 = 750 Gold, 20 for 1400, 40 for 2600, 80 for 4800, 160 for 8800.

Why does the score count down on Test Bowl?

The test bowl is a rolling start, both cars will get to top speed, however when one crosses the line the other is still speeding up meaning the win margin is getting smaller - hence why the number counts down :)

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