General Multiplayer FAQ

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How do I rank up?

Each rank has a specific number of points waiting to be filled. You will only rank up when you exceed that number of points. 

Watch out! Once you reach rank 24 or higher, if you lose a race you will lose a point. If you lose too many points, your rank will drop.

What is a Boost?

When you buy a boost, your truck rating will be boosted by +50 truck rating for 30 minutes, giving you extra speed for those difficult races. You can see who currently has an active boost from your opponents, they'll be the one with the orange flame icon. 

You get one free boost per multiplayer season, so use it wisely!

What does Refresh do?

If you buy a Refresh, Harvey will try to find some easier opponents for your ELO rank.

Why don’t I get a bonus?

You only win bonus points if your truck meets the current bonus point condition. You can see the current condition on the multiplayer home screen.

Which Class should I enter?

Higher class events have bigger prizes, but if you haven’t upgraded your truck that much, it will be harder to get very far.

You can switch class mid-season by choosing ‘forfeit multiplayer season’ in Multiplayer Options, and then entering the desired class. Be warned: if you forfeit, your progress and rank will be reset (even if you re-enter the same class). At the end of the season, you will only receive prizes for the multiplayer class you most recently participated in.

Which brand of truck do I have?

If you can’t remember which type of truck you have, you can always click ‘Buy New’ and view the trucks in the shop to remind yourself! Your truck type is also displayed on the 'Vs' screen when you enter a multiplayer race.

Why are all my opponents so difficult? / How does matchmaking work?

The more you win in Multiplayer, the harder opponents you will encounter. If you lose, your next opponents will be easier.

You can make the race easier by upgrading your truck, or buying a temporary boost on the opponent select screen. Alternatively, you can pay to refresh your opponent list - Harvey will try to find you some easier opponents for your rank.

Why did my Win Streak disappear?

Your win streak gets reset if you lose a race or the season in which you're participating ends. 

It can also be lost if you lose your internet connection during or at the end of a race.

Why didn’t I get my prize yet?

Multiplayer season prizes are awarded after the season has ended. A countdown to the end of the season is displayed on the multiplayer home screen. After a season ends, it may take up to 24 hours for prizes to be awarded and appear on your account. 

Please make sure that when claiming your prizes that you are using the same save location as you used for that multiplayer season. You can also try to force delivery by completely closing the game, then reopen it with an internet connection and then attempt to access the Multiplayer Tab. 

If your prizes don't appear after after 24 hours or there is something wrong with them, please send us a support request through the game or to [email protected] with your User ID, which you can find on the Settings screen in-game at the bottom in white writing and your finishing position in which class.

What is Elite?

Elite mode is a tougher, more competitive multiplayer mode with amazing prizes for the very best players. Elite mode is only available to players who beat Rank 1 in regular Multiplayer.

The Elite season ends at the same time as the regular Multiplayer season. Beat the regular Multiplayer mode as soon as you can each week to get further in Elite mode!

Why did I go down a rank?

When your rank is 25 or better, you will lose a point if you lose a race. If you lose all the points you had gained in a rank, you will go down a rank.

When you have gone down a rank, you will need to exceed the number of points required in that rank in order to rank back up.

What do the stars by my avatar mean?

This is your career badge. The numbers are your lifetime multiplayer score. As your score goes up, your career badge becomes more impressive! 

How do you make your score go up? At the end of each Multiplayer season, you can win flags. Each flag has between 1 and 3 stars on it. The number of stars on the flags you win is your score for that season.

If you reach rank 1 in Battle Mode, you win a 2-star flag. If you also reach the top 1% in Elite, you win a 3-star flag, making the maximum score you can earn per season 2 + 3 = 5.

Career badges were introduced in Season 16.

Why isn’t Steve Austin’s truck the multiplayer prize this week?

Each season we will change the truck that can be won in Class W multiplayer.  You will have an opportunity to win every truck in Class W.  

Stay tuned in to the forums or our Facebook page for more information.

Why is Harvey telling me that there are issues with my account?

We display that message when when our servers detect suspicious account activity, placing a block on accessing multiplayer.

Please send us your user ID which you can find in the game's settings menu so that we can investigate why this has been applied. If the block has been applied erroneously we’ll make sure its removed for you so you can start racing again. 
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