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How do I unlock Class WWE?

There are two ways you can access Class WWE:

    • Purchase a WWE Truck from the ‘Buy New’ menu to get instant access.


      • Play through the game until you reach Class A - as you clear out some of the exhibition events, a WWE Loan event will drop into the list.  In this event it is possible to win enough WWE Bucks to purchase a Class W truck.

      How do I earn WWE Bucks?

      WWE Bucks can be earned by:

      • Winning races in Class WWE
      • By earning crowd bonus by customising your Class WWE truck
      • Entering Class WWE in a Multiplayer season - participation prizes award WWE Bucks, as do the end of season prizes
      • There is a WWE event that appears in Class A that will award WWE Bucks upon victory.

      What’s a Ladder event?

      For every truck in MMX Racing there is a series of 24 Ladder events to complete. Each one is more difficult than the last, so try and upgrade in order to keep pace with your opponents!

      In Class W you'll face off in Ladder events against each of the Superstars and Divas!

      What’s a Payback event?

      Payback events are like our High Stakes events but for Class W! The more WWE Bucks you wager, you more you stand to win or lose. How confident are you of beating a Superstar or Diva? 

      You only have a few minutes to decide before the Payback event timer runs out!

      What’s a WrestleMania event?

      These are like our Exhibition races but for Class W, you’ll always have the opportunity to enter Wrestlemania events. These are a great way of earning WWE Bucks and perfecting your racing skills!

      How do I crush cars?

      To successfully pass over the car crushing sections you must feather the throttle to keep the revs low (by tapping the accelerator pedal).  

      If you attempt to ‘floor it’ then the truck will wheel-spin and slow you right down.

      It’s a little tricky at first but you’ll get there!  Be sure to master it in Single Player before attempting it in Multiplayer.

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