Daily race off growler levels are frustratingly random

I can beat any level consistently except the growler ones due to the rng on the pendulum timing.  The growler doesn’t have the weight to push it if coming back nor to push it up high if going forward.

Lack of grip makes it hard to stop early and ensure no death, so more braking time is needed. but if I do that, the computer player always wins due to super fast times. 

Please remove the growler from the rotation or don’t use the pendulum levels with it. Another option would be reasonable computer player times. 

If if anyone has tips on 52sec repeatable times, please share. I blow up or time out. 2/3 times based on rng. 


  • sikbaysikbay Posts: 31
    once on the first level and past the swinging pendulum, floor it and it's the perfect speed/loft to nose right into the slot instead of going up and around. you'll be ahead by a couple seconds at that point and the rest is up to you. i had problems with the growler early on until i found this out....now it's one of the easiest ones. i know they have one at 54 seconds to beat and one at 58. the 54 is unforgiving if you dont have a perfect run. good luck!
  • sikbaysikbay Posts: 31
    if this makes no sense i'll post a video haha
  • The Problem with the Pendulum Levels is, once the Pendels start swinging, they won't stop, even if you restart. This will mess up the run majorly. This is really hit or miss. Your first run has to count, or it will be totally random.

  • JdkJdk Posts: 2
    Thanks both!  I practiced Flooring it and it worked well. Good to know on the timing too. Maybe a force quit after a loss resets it?
  • tom77tom77 Posts: 1
    Bonjour ce jeux et le meilleure jeux que j'ai jamais instaler ces vehicules surtout rdo2 c'est la meilleure elle et surpuissant e tres bons jeu bravo
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