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  • FelixXxFelixXx Member Posts: 70
    El_Mutro is spot-on about the difference in the throttle response between the Mach 1s and the Subaru models (especially the STI). I almost prefer the more sluggish Mach 1s because I find that the Subaru will blast out of the blue at the smallest nudge.That said, and I know this was mentioned in another discussion, I feel like the cars should be more competitive if you're dealing with fully upgraded cars. My STI gets completely blown away by just about any Mach 1 it races. As for the Escorts, they're actually a ton of fun...surprisingly quick little cars.
  • StormyStormy Hutch Staff Posts: 70 Wrenchman
    There will be plenty of car balancing no doubt and this sort of feedback is great to help us get started in the right direction.
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Member Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    We are currently playing with a small percentage of the total cars that will become available.
    Also the options to upgrade are fairly linear and limited, this will also develop much more along the lines you have been discussing.
    As the beta progresses we will be opening up some discussions around features and mechanics like this to get your thoughts and input and expand on where we see things going.
  • hummingbirdhummingbird Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
    For me, the tracks, my car, and some of the racing elements in phase 2 feel and look different. It feels like the drifting dynamics have been altered. The tenets of drift racing, style, line, and angle now seem to be added. I was hoping more realistic drift racing elements would be incorporated, and I think they have. But for me, the abilities to control the way my car handles and the means to correct these mistakes is missing; it is possible that these gaming behaviors have been programmed into the game, and I am simply not skilled or knowledgable to understand how to apply them. My car maneuvers differently. It is more sensitive to my corrections, mistakes and deviations, but I don't have the control over the drifting dynamics that is remotely close to skilled. There are so many times when I stall, bobble, have heavy lift off the throttle plus other errors: minor and major. I can see the track and my car better in phase 2. But that is only half of the things Isuggested. There is not enough control over direction, or maybe I just have not been able to achieve that control I need. I can see my mistakes, but I am at a loss right now how to correct those mistakes.Half the time I do everything nearly perfect; the other half of the time, I am so focused on winning and speed that proper line and angle are completely missing. I would really like a Practice tract that can be used to practice skills without the distractions of racing.
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