Question about vehicle rating and performance

Hey guys, 

I was running some multiplayer on saturday, trying to get my rank up before the season end. 

My Odd Dude was rated at maximum, and I was matched against another Odd Dude with a max rating (no boost).  I ran an Awesome race, and he still beat me!  How does that work?  Off the line I had the initial jump but then he seemed to pull a bit ahead before the first jump.  

Whats the deal?  


  • Hutch_TimHutch_Tim Posts: 666 admin
    See the FAQs for "I did a perfect run and still lost", the final paragraph in particular!

    To expand on that, players have also found on some tracks you can get a very slight advantage if you take off from a jump fractionally later than normal, and if you press on landing fractionally earlier than normal. This takes a lot of practice to get just right, so keep an eye on your exact time for the track on every run to see if it's working.

  • bandit1bandit1 Posts: 7
    Just because two of the same trucks are maxxed doesnt mean they were built the same way. He may have built a maxxed jump or speed specialist.  
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