Why am I racing people with an SX1?? what kind of elitist nonsense is this?!

...also, umm, how do I get one?!


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    To get an SX truck you must fully upgrade a vehicle - import a GT - fully upgrade that and then import an SX truck.  You will be prompted to import as soon as your vehicle is fully upgraded.
    The benefits of doing this are; GT trucks have max upgrades of 11 instead of 10, and SX have max of 12.  You also get a different coloured truck so you can show off how fancy you are.
  • GsearchGsearch Posts: 2,497 admin
    Is just a conspiracy by the MAN to keep us racers down.  Different colors!  Fast is the only color that matters.
    The only bad part is that when you move from regular to GT you stat back at 1 for each trait.  Slow again.  Once you get the SX1 it is way faster and more fun.
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