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What is your favourite level?

New content is coming soon and as we begin to build it, it would be really useful to get an idea of what type of tracks you all enjoy the most
Post below with either your favourite track or the general track theme eg.
- Pro Racers
- Rush
- Mayhem
- Marathon
- Big Air
- Regular: city, desert, snow


  • lrb192lrb192 Posts: 9
    I can't speak for everybody else, but I loved the big air levels. It was great how fast you could get going, and then go off some huge jump. I also enjoyed the rush levels, but I prefer slightly less technical tracks.
  • dwnwrddwnwrd Posts: 38
    I also loved the big air tracks. The mayhem are fun to try to finish but have a pretty high frustration level. I guess my favorite group is snow because I like that the heavier vehicles actually have a chance to compete. 
  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    I dont know what anyone else would say but I love them all
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