Where did my friend codes go?!

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I recently added some new friend codes just to stay up to date on top times, and something very strange happened. When I went to the level screen, I saw that the only times that showed up were the new friend codes I added (and hutch times)! I wasn't showing up on the leaderboard, even though my times were much faster than the new ones. I can provide a picture if needed. Also, when I slide through the levels, my proper time will flash for a second before it is replaced by the incorrect leaderboard. Plz fix! 


  • lrb192lrb192 Posts: 9
    Never mind it seems to have fixed itself. On almost all of my levels, the correct friend codes show up. There are a few levels that still seem to have problems, though. I'm a little frightened to add new friend codes now because I am worried that this could happen again. Can anybody help me on this? Thanks.
  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hmm, this is new to us.  Out of interest had you added many friends codes when this started to happen - if so do you know roughly how many? We can test it out and see if we can reproduce the issue you are seeing.
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