How can I fix this game?

I downloaded the game MMX Racing on my iPhone 6 iOS. 10.2 and I really like this game and have been playing it for a while and made progress and now it shuts off 3 second after I open and the app. Iv tried making space on my phone and restarting it but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hi, hmm not sure why that would be.  When we have had similar issues in the past it has usually be down to one of the ad networks playing up, so you could try booting the game in airplane mode and see if it bypasses what I assume to be an early connection error.
    Alternatively you might need to uninstall/reinstall but before you do that please contact us via the in-game help & support button in the settings menu and ask technical support for advice on how to recover your save.
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