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    Today next four cards. For a little bit of time I didn't made any cards. I think my newest Lincoln is ok. 
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    Oh. Here they are. I had a lot of problems with uploading images here. 
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    just found out there's such a thread, here's some i've made

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    . 79v
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    Random rq and random stats, hutch could find some use on those 
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    Working in a little (actually very big) something
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    Hello again! SprungDuck had a very great idea with custom updates! That give me a power to do this... Top Drives Hunters Entry. Few new cards, some I sended in other posts (That was a mistake! ). But everything is ok. I want to complete this custom update to sunday. 
    Thats not the end. I send all other cards soon. 
  • BiscuitRacingBiscuitRacing Posts: 11
    Random rq and random stats, hutch could find some use on those

    Are you talking about me? If I'm right, I want to say that I make cards for fun, and on the Polish pages about cars or Wikipedia there is not much about the maximum speed, acceleration of a given model, or rather more about emissions, sizes, equipment, etc. Ok, that's all there is to it I have to say. And anyway, I hope it was about my cards and not about some other cards because I wrote a lot and maybe it wasn't even for me :/ 
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    Oh, mama.  Hubba hubba.  <3
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    How about newest Maserati MC20? 
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    I made a new template to differentiate my cards and show the whole car 

    Man, this is so much better, cool layout.
    What about reversing the flag and class? So class/rq on the left and flag on the right?
  • O__VERO__VER Posts: 1,967 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Pretty cool concept. I really like the way the cards are given depth by making the cars pop over the top of UI elements.

    I would say you don't even need to write out the country. If people don't know the flag, they're too stupid to play.
  • Nobody4funNobody4fun Posts: 11

    I made a new template to differentiate my cards and show the whole car 

    Great work, the cards look really cool and modern.

    The photos are processed with a filter that makes them look rendered? Some of the photos are like the originals from the game.
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    Hutch. Give this man a job! 
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    Nice work! I'm typically not a fan of custom cards because they all use the same layout, but I think your layout is sweet! With your layout, you are actually able to see the entire picture. It makes cars like the VW Polo you posted look like a desirable car. 
  • havvyhavvy Posts: 95 ✭✭

    Actually correct stats, unlike the one in-game. In real life this thing has 103.85 MRA.
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    Personally not a huge fan of the "innovative" layouts, so here's one with traditional layout.

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