Best level for leveling up?

what's the best level to repeatedly run through to get the most truck upgrades the fastest?


  • MalfeitorMalfeitor Posts: 1
    I find the first three City stages are the best. They have the least tricky configurations so you can blow through them pretty fast. For sheer money to time/skill City Marathon is probably the best bang for the buck getting about 850.
  • labroylabroy Posts: 11
    City Stage 1 used to be, but now I reckon City Rush is the fastest - provided you can get up the first hill! If you collect every coin, you get 420 per run!

    Not every car can get up there though!
  • dgoncrazdgoncraz Posts: 4
    I like North Pole. It's easy and you get 300 points if you get them all.
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