Beta Phase 2 Discussion

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This thread has been created for discussion of Beta Phase 2


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    Glad you like the update, there's a lot more to come.
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    Ovalmini? There was a fair bit of discussion about if we put it in but it was so different from everything else it seemed worth a punt to see what folk thought. Do you think the short tracks are better then the long?

    We also added 10 new tracks, moved all the start lines and lit all the track's differently - it should make them all feel a bit different.
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    To be brutally honest the update SUCKS... the matchup system sucks... It's $200, $800, $1600 or at best $3200 then back to leaderboard and repeat... And repeat.... And repeat... I can understand that it was too generous at first but racing for such small amounts ( especially in light of upgrade costs ) is just plain boring. I really didn't care if I won or lost any of the races in my last 30 minute session.

    Once you have more events to choose from it should fix this as we can have events with big starting bets which you would join with. Our goal at the moment is to make sure people are matching with people as much as possible so we have less events with smaller buy ins which force our limited player base together. We will be working towards a new batch of users asap too which should really help!
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    Guys, thanks for sticking with things as we adjust some of the many variables. You have helped us out immeasurably. We have learnt a great deal during the last 4 weeks, particularly on the economy side.

    When it comes to this subject of betting, it certainly has become too grindy, a far divergence from the easy farming the AI bots were previously offering.
    On the one hand, the big bets allowed for some rapid upgrading and car purchase, on the other hand it enables a player to quickly consume all of the fairly limited content that the game has to offer right now in Beta 2. Ideally we need to find a balance.

    The development team here have been putting in another hard push during the last 10 days to hopefully offer some more fixes and more content in the near future.
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