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Assuming we're starting from the standpoint of "this game is generally enjoyable," what could be improved?  Having played for less than a few hours, here are the things that stand out to me immediately:

  • The UI needs improvement.  There's no intuitive way to get to settings.  The only way I was able to was to use Android's built in "back" feature, which I have hidden by default.
  • Charging for checkpoints.  Really?  We're there now? I understand that this will increase the number of ads watched drastically, but it is not worth it if it comes at the cost of interrupting the flow of gameplay, leading users getting distracted and disinterested in the game.  Maybe when you watch an ad from a checkpoint it could unlock it until you quit or win?  When gems are so hard to come by, you can't reasonably charge 100, 200, etc for each use of a checkpoint.  If you insist, give us the option to turn them off, because I don't want to see "watch an ad or pay us?" every time I die past a checkpoint.
  • Hot Wheels was a disaster.  I love you guys, I loved Hot Wheels, and that game broke my heart.  Let's take nothing from that game.  Namely, the "you should upgrade" message every time I have the coins to do so.  Or, again, the option to "turn off tutorials" in the settings menu no one can find.
  • Bring back the coin doubler.  I will never pay for gems, so I like to give back to the devs by buying doublers on games that I know that I'll be playing for a long time.  It's worth it for me the player in the savings to time needed grinding for upgrades.

When game competitor Fingersoft released Hill Climb Racing 2, the point was that they had an entirely new game mechanic: races.  They kept the element in that made them famous in a separate tab (take whatever car and go as far as you can) but it was a new game.  I feel like Hill Dash 2 doesn't have enough to be considered a new game.  Yes, there are new tracks and cars, but Hot Wheels felt like a bad re-skin, and so does this.  The truly new elements are the "race against fake people" thing (which I can only do ONE TIME every two hours per car, unless I pay for fuel) and the "highway 2 wealth" which I can only do ONE TIME a DAY.  And on the topic of "Highway 2 Wealth", I'm guessing this is probably named as it is because "roads to riches" is copyrighted.  Roads to riches is catchy because of the alliteration.  No one could come up with another alliteration?  How about Path 2 Payday, Dash 4 Dough, Tour 2 Treasure, Boulevard 2 Bank, or Corridor 2 Cash?  There, there's five on me.

I want to like this game.  I miss certain things about the old game, like the chart below each level that shows me what I've beaten it with.  That gave me incentive to try to get as many lit car symbols as I could.  And there are things I like about this game, I like the introduction of drastically different terrain that different cars are proficient in.  But I want more.  I think that as users go up, the inter-user racing should be expanded upon, focused on, not shielded behind a 2 hour timer.  That's your new game right there.  People will go back and beat the same tracks over and over again if they want to get better for racing against other people.  People will try to unlock new tracks and cars if they need that to unlock different tiers of inter-user races for better rewards for their trucks.  Finally, if you're going to use leaderboards with Hutch crew members, at least pretend like you aren't.  I know you're in development, but it takes us out of the experience when 7 of the 10 people on the leaderboard have the same picture.

I will turn on a game once, twice, maybe 3 times a day.  If I have to come back in 2 hours, I won't.  I'll come back tomorrow when I would have anyway, and play for another 2-10 minutes before getting bored again.   What you need to do is to maximize user's individual session time.  That's the conclusion here.  There are games that I played years ago, and there are games that I've been playing for years.  MMX HillClimb (Hill Dash 1) was a game that I played years ago.  But I still have it on my phone because it was a good game, however briefly.  Hill Dash 2 could be a really good game.  But it's not.  Not yet.
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