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It's patch time! New cars, new filter options, some balance changes and a new game environment in the works!

Time waits for no man, or woman, and certainly waits for no car. Top Drives patch 5.0 is coming your way very soon, delivering a fresh batch of content and several quality of life changes to the game. Let’s jump right in and see what’s coming.

New Cars

Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo will be joining Top Drives! Including five new prize cars and bringing the total number of unique cars in Top Drives up to 935.

Filter changes when fusing

Filtering buttons now have an active and inactive state. You can now tell whether the criteria filter is active. Previously you couldn't tell whether the garage was filtered or not. We think you will find this really useful.

Fuse filtering carousel now also filters by ID and name (alphabetical). Significantly, it will now group dupes together, something you have been asking for.

Cars can now be tapped in the fuse carousel to bring up full-screen card popup. You can now tap to inspect the card that you are about to fuse. Nice!

Changes to Drag Race point allocation

Adjusted down drag race points for better balance.

Car Corrections

Nissan Silvia 240RS - Ride height has been changed to medium.

Nissan Juke R - Ride height has been changed to medium.

Porsche 918 - 0-62 time has been corrected to 2.6s.

McLaren 675LT mid-range acceleration has been corrected to be slightly faster.

McLaren 650S mid-range acceleration has been corrected to be slightly slower.

Minor Bug Fixes

  1. Changed Germany 10 campaign match from 0-150 to 1 mile drag
  2. Fixed: When a filter is selected, criteria filter stops working
  3. Fixed: Applying any normal filter makes the criteria button look like its active (even in open matches)
  4. Fixed: Some new McLarens are DE and not GB
  5. Fixed: 90s filter doesn't work
  6. Fixed: Ads button - "Bonus Ready" text obscured by Play icon

New Environment - Black Forest

A brand new forest environment will be sneaking into the game soon. There will also be new surface types (grass / wet grass). Three routes including a slalom through a logging road and a route over a bridge. We won't use these challenges immediately, but as new events are scheduled in, this environment will make its entrance.

Tell us what you think. Comment in the discussion thread here.

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