Asmo from Germany :)

AsmoAsmo Member Posts: 84 ✭✭
Hey everyone,

so, the AppStore was recommending Hill Dash 2 three weeks ago and I was bored so I clicked on it. Since then I spent probably too much time and money on it, but since it has/had(?) some starting issues, I checked out Top Drives - and got instantly hooked as well! And now, after even more money and time spend there, I feel like Hutch makes good games and I appreciate their efforts to maintain a flourishing online community, so I figured I say Hi :)

I'm usually not advertising life details on the web, so I won't go into more details than that I'm a Psychology Student with a former distaste for mobile games, who now is interested in cars again and learned to appreciate at least some mobile games, thanks to Hutch!

Nice to meet you :)



  • MidnightMidnight Member Posts: 5
    Hello im playing race kings and feel the same way about Hutch played racing rivals for over four years just to watch them crash and burn good luck to ya 
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