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(My biggest request that I have been wanting regarding on the current state of Top Drives.)

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(Honestly, I have said this more than a 100 times like a video recorder having malfunctions at the in game forum but here it goes again. Let me ask you with this question again Hutch all in caps.


By that, that would involve collecting all cars including cars that are "win the event only". Should you implement this idea Hutch "Which I hope you do this", then you must re-give away those "win the event only" exclusive prize cars in the past in alternative ways "make one of them as a top prize for completing challenge mode". This way, I will be enthusiastic into collecting cars in this game. I mean I literally lost interest in some car brands "like Jaguar for example in my case" because of not being able to have a chance a get that "win the event only" car. The fact is to put it this way, the game will start to become boring and eventually people who do not spend lots of money and is not fortunate enough to keep up on top in those big one car manufacturer events giving away those "win the event only" cars  "like me" will start to lose interest and drift away from this game if no plans are made to give away those exclusive prize cars again. I shudder the moment this happens, then Top Drives will start to go downhill and eventually die by the start of the year 2019 in my prediction. So in all honesty, a in game trophy achievements system will make this game become interesting again and save Top Drives from becoming a boring, stale game. It is time that Game Center and Google Play Achievements to be replaced with this idea.

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    Interestingly, at one point before launch we actually had special cars you could win if you managed to collect all the other cars by a manufacturer. We took that feature out because it is almost certainly illegal due to Japan's 'Complete Gacha' law from 2012:

    Regarding Event Cars being made available again, we've talked before on this forum about it before (although I appreciate it's hard to search for previous topics). It's something we'd like to do, but we're not going to do it until we're happy it won't just mean players who won the prize car the first time around will definitely win it again. For example, if we ran another Suzuki event awarding the Pikes Peak, everyone with the Pikes Peak would be extremely likely to win again. There are a few ways we can do this, so we're pretty sure we'll get there at some point. You've already seen the various first version of it, where the prize Mercedes-AMG GT3 was available a 2nd time but in rainy conditions, so those who won it the first time wouldn't have a huge advantage.

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