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How do I control the truck?

You have two pedals; the right one is the Gas and the left one is the Brake.

The Gas pedal will accelerate your truck and the Brake will stop and reverse you. The pedals will also control your trucks tilting direction if you manage to catch some air off a jump, using our patented invisible tilt ninjas, helping you to get the right balance and landing.

How does fuel work?

In order to keep your gas guzzling trucks going, you have to collect the red fuel cans placed along the tracks.
Run out of fuel? Then it's the end of the road... unless you can coast on the remaining fumes to the next can!

How do the upgrades work?

Upgrades are crucial for completing each of the levels and getting the best times to beat your friends.You can upgrade your truck in 4 different ways: Speed, Grip, Stability and Tilt.

Each upgrade affects the truck differently:
- Speed - Improves power and speed
- Grip - Better tires for improved traction
- Stability - Lowers the centre of gravity so your truck will be less likely to flip
- Tilt - How fast you can rotate your truck in the air

These attributes can typically be upgraded 10 times each in total, once all of them have been upgraded to the maximum of 10 you'll no longer be able to collect Truck Coins for that truck and will be offered the choice to 'Custom Import' your truck.

How do I upgrade my truck?

You can upgrade each truck attribute in the truck selection menu by pressing the truck icon in the top bar. Here's how it works:

- Upgrades cost Truck Coins
- You earn these by collecting them on the track
- Upgrade coins earned are specific to each truck

For example, if you want to upgrade the Micro truck then you can only use Micro Truck Coins, which will be any coins you collect whilst driving the Micro truck. Alternatively, you can pay for the upgrade or part of the upgrade with Gold Coins. Gold Coins are more flexible and so can be used to upgrade any truck, not just a specific one.

How do I unlock new levels and trucks?

The main way of unlocking new levels and trucks is by setting great times or achieving a certain distance on the tracks available to you. You can also unlock them by buying them with Gold Coins.

Check how to unlock levels and trucks by highlighting the one you want in the selection menu, it will show you the requirements for each one there.

What is that truck doing in the other lane?

The truck in the other lane is your opponent!

This might be someone from Hutch, a truck representing your own best time or the time set by friend ahead of you on the leaderboard.

Who are these Hutch players on my leaderboard?

Some of our team have set their own times on each level, we call them 'Hutch Ghosts', they're to help show you how to overcome certain obstacles and give you a challenge to beat.

When you beat the distance of set by one of the team you'll earn some extra currency, which you'll be able to collect from the leaderboard screen.

What does 'Custom Import' mean?

If you fully upgrade a truck you'll be given the option to unlock a 'Custom Import' version of that standard truck. Choosing this will unlock a custom color variant of that vehicle where its upgrades are set to 1.

The first two 'Custom Imports' include a performance boost that increases the upgrade limits of that new vehicle and will be represented as a GT variant for the first upgraded import and as SX for the second; for example, Speed 1/10 might become Speed 1/12.

Any subsequent new imports of that truck will only change the color but will remain SX level imports.

Why does my truck currency says 'Max'?

If you've managed to fully upgrade a specific truck there's no need to continue to collect its currency, so we label it as 'Max' so you know that its maxed out.

If you then choose to order a Custom Import of that vehicle, the new variants' upgrades will be set to one and you'll be able to collect currency to spend on it again.

What are Gold Coins?

Gold Coins are a more flexible currency and can be used to buy new tracks and upgrade any truck unlike the normal collectable Truck Coins. They can be purchased through our in-game store and they can also be earned various other ways, such as as through our timed gifts, beating your friends on the leaderboard or watching ads.

Is there multiplayer?

Yes, there is. In MMX Hill Climb we use asynchronous multiplayer, so when you race it won't just be against your own personal best distance and times, you'll also race against the ghosts of your friends or even Team Hutch, letting you learn from their moves as you go!

Just check out the leaderboard to see who you'll need to take on next.

What's the difference between 'Local Save' and 'Cloud Save'?

These are two ways of saving your game in MMX Hill Climb, you can either save it straight to your device using 'Local Save' or using your Facebook login details using 'Cloud Save'.

Our preferred method of saving the game is the Cloud Save option, as this is capable of letting you transfer your game across multiple devices and platforms. Occasionally we'll remind you to save this way as it also lets you race against your Facebook friends that play the game too.

If you do use Cloud Save option and at any point you no longer want to use it, all you need to do is remove the app and permissions from your Facebook account. Just open up Facebook, go to 'Apps' (in the left sidebar in a browser or in the 'More' section in the mobile app) and you should be able to make the changes in there.

What are Gifts?

Gifts are our way of saying "thanks for playing the game"!

Not only do we give you free Gold Coins, we also give you the chance to double that amount just by watching an ad. You can enable a reminder, this gives you a notification to come back and pick them up when they're ready.

How do I add non-Facebook friends to my leaderboard? (Friend Codes)

You can add non-Facebook friends to your leaderboard via our friend's code feature. Once added - you will see their scores on your leaderboard and can earn rewards for beating them.
You can also give your code to others to appear on their leaderboards

If you enter a friend’s code, you can see their scores, but they won’t see yours unless they enter your code (or unless you’re Facebook friends)
You can add friend's codes and find your own code via the Friend's code button in the settings menu. Please note - you must be logged in to Facebook to use friend codes.

What are Pro Racer events?

Pro Racer events are like any regular event except the Hutch ghosts are a lot harder to beat. As these levels are late in the game, we've had a bit more time to practice and to lay down some really good times… even Hutch David.

What is a Mayhem event?

You know all of the props you have seen so far in the races? Well here they are again; multiplied tenfold and all in one place! These levels are built to frustrate. Bounce, bang, hop and pop your way to the level end. Can you handle the madness?

What is a Marathon event?

Marathon events are a whole series of events strung together. They are generally themed for an environment eg. City, Desert or Snow, and consist of all of the stages of that environment. Keep an eye out for our Marathon Mayhem level which is all the Mayhem events in one. Good luck completing that one!

Can I record and share videos of my runs?

Indeed you can! If you have an iOS device and are running iOS 9 or later you will find a record button on the race start screen. Simply press that, start your run and do your thing. When your run comes to an end hit the blue button on the results screen to view, save or share your video.
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    Hi ,I'm new on here & been playing the game for only a few days. Today I went to buy THE BUGGY but received the BIG RIG instead. Please help .. Came online soon as it happened been looking for assistance since.. I'm playing game on the Amazon tv fire stick if u need that info
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    Hi Checo01, thanks for getting in touch.
    Can you please use the in-game support tool to submit this query, it will enable us to see your unique ID and help to resolve the problem.
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