Latest Soft Launch Release - May 2017

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An update from Race Kings Product Owner Ben:

It’s Ben from the RK team, with an update on the next version (v15).

The centrepiece of this new version is a new feature, Ranks and Objectives.  Many players understand the flow of the game just fine - race, bet, upgrade, buy better cars, and aim for the top of the leaderboards and ultimately the Finals - but others need help understanding what they should do next, so that’s what we’ve added.  New players start at rank ‘Novice’, and are given three simple objectives (win a race, fit an upgrade, place a certain bet etc).  Meet all three to earn a star.  Win three stars, you reach the next rank.  Winning a star brings prizes - cash and gold, bigger race bonus, a higher cash limit (now called ‘Max Cash’) - and reaching a new rank unlocks a new bet.  This system completely replaces XP and Levels.

Things you should know:
- When you first play the new build you’ll be given a rank based on your old Level.
- You’ll also get a brief explanation of the new stuff from Rocky
- We’ve reduced some of the Max Cash numbers (the maximum amount of cash you can hold).  Your Max Cash may have reduced, especially if you were at a high level. If now have more cash than your new limit you won’t lose the excess, but you can’t earn more cash until you have spent down to below your limit again.  This is part of the ongoing refinements to the game economy as we approach a worldwide launch.
- Because bets are now linked to Rank, it’s possible that some bets you’ve been placing are now locked.  You’ll need to complete objectives to increase your Rank and unlock those bets.
- You may have noticed that the Ford GT season ended, but was replaced by another identical one.  This is because we’re approaching our worldwide launch date - up to now, you guys have been extra-special early players, helping us find out what works and what doesn’t before the wondrous day when we go live everywhere - and we have some tricky event calendar planning.  With apologies, we have to run the same season again in the meantime.  It will all shake out soon - thanks for your patience.

- The Main Event is also changing:
   - The current single seven-day event is changing to a series of seven one-day events.  This will start when the current Main Event ends, this Friday 12th at 12:00 UTC.  
   - During the week, blueprints for two cars are available: one is a model unique to that week, so if you don’t complete it during the week you’ll either have to buy the remaining blueprints or miss out; the second is a model available throughout all four weeks of the season, with 50% of the blueprints available each week (so you could win the car in two weeks, or even two cars over the four weeks).  Each car requires 40 BPs to complete.
   - Each of the seven days of the Main Event is slightly different.  The Blueprints for the special weekly car are only available Mon-Fri.  The season-long car BPs are available every day.  Also, Monday and Wednesday’s Main Events offer Pro Pack tokens suitable for these cars, while Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s Main Events have much bigger Gold prizes.

Version 16 will follow in a couple of weeks.  It includes one more big change: the vertical scrolling list of events is getting replaced by a map, which is more familiar to players and (hopefully) easier to navigate.  Also in that build is a new Class S car…

There’s no way this big change will be completely painless.  If you have problems, contact us through the Help button at the bottom of the Event list or reply here directly.
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