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One of our objectives with Top Drives, is to make it accessible and enjoyable to as many players as possible. This includes supporting as many different languages as possible.
The process of translating (or more accurately, localising) a game can be complex, and a lot of subtle nuances and meanings can be lost and our visibility over these issues is often limited.
If there's a word, or translation in any language that annoys you, or is clearly incorrect, then we want to hear about it.
Please use this form to tell us which language the problem is in, what the current translation says and what you think it should say. Also please try to tell us where in the game the error is located, it will help us to quickly identify and fix potential issues.

This is an incredibly valuable service that improves the game for the whole community, so don't be shy about posting bugs and errors.


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    It's very important.
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    I wanted to point out some translation errors for the Italian version that have been bugging me for no reason since the beginning of the game.

    1- In the campaign, the last section’ caption (the one in Legrand boss fight) says “È ora di tirare fuori le armi pensaNti”.

    That means “Let’s bring out the thinking weapons”, if you want to say “ the heavy weaponry” it should be “armi pesanti”, without the first N.

    2- “Open slots” in the garage is translated as “Apri Slot”, which is... “You open a slot” and does not mean “Available slots”. May I suggest “Slot disponibili” (available slots) or “Slot liberi” (as in free slots but not the “no payment” but still in the “available for use” meaning).

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    In Spanish game, the text in circle are written in Italian, correct translate for “da sogno” is “de ensueño” or “sueño americano” if that means the new cars (American dream). The text behind special pack must be “5 tarjetas, al menos 1 superrara o mejor sueño americano”
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    In the translation for German speaking countries I found two bugs marked blue and yellow:

    The blue one should be named 'Bodenfreiheit', and the yellow one should be named 'Antriebsart'. The correct translation 'Traktionskontrolle' could be also found in the other column on the right side, and there the name is totally right.  Although I did not remember the exact names before PL7.0, I'm sure they had better translations.
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    I can help you with translating patch notes on Russian, because atm they are unreadable. Translation is like "socks can rich top speed on exam cup of soup kilometers."

    Just send me on email text and I will translate it. 
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    Forum headings changed to arabic for me (phone language is english, same as yesterday). I noticed it after updating to ios 13.1
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    In PL11 at the new location there is a track "City Sprint", but in Russian localization it is called "Дух города" (Spirit of the City). Where is the mistake? In the translation or in the name of the track in English?
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    In German slicks are translated into "Reifen ohne Profil". But today hutch considers Semi-Slicks, or if you like tires with a racing heritage recommended only for the use on dry tarmac, as slicks too. So that's a contradiction. A translation into "Slick-Reifen" would be recommended.
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