Feedback over messy Finishing Screen

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I don't know where to put Feedback, so maybe here is the right place?

I feel like there is a small but significant room for improvement on 2 issues that start getting under my skin more and more. It's the messy finishing screen!

The first problem I see is, when I choose to save my win streak and click on retry before all numbers are shown - this is what happens:

The screen switches immediately in the background and I can start the race, but the stats don't disappear. They just stay there a couple of seconds, even if I start racing (which is of course nonsense because I can't see anything). This is quite annoying, because not only do I have to waste parts of my precious lunch break time :wink:, but I CAN ALREADY SEE THE GAME STARTING! You know the Marshmallow test for children to see how long they can resist eating it? The race is my marshmallow - and I have to sit there, waiting, instead of eating it :(

The second issue I have is when I choose the other option of Continue. Here, the screen does NOT switch like before. It just stays there, not only way too long for my taste, but also the order of stats doesn't make sense. THE FIRST INFO IS THE FINAL SUM - AND THEN .... I get all the minor numbers that show how the SUM was built. How does that make sense? You spoil the only number of interest right away - and then you let me sit there for way too long, showing me minor info with not much value since - I ALREADY KNOW MY TOTAL XP! 

-> 2 possible improvements I suggest:

a) Let me skip the whole thing! Both RETRY&CONTINUE! I want to continue now, not wait for it. If I can switch with the Retry button right away to the next match - (except only half of the screen) why not let me skip with Continue as well (properly of course, without the doublescreen nonsense) :)

b) If for whatever reason you want to keep the finishing screen unskippable, at least show the summarized XP LAST!? The ONLY reason where it would make sense to show the total first is - IF WE COULD SKIP!!! But here: The only reason I would want to sit through watching all the minor stats is to GET TO KNOW THE TOTAL SUM! But you spoil all the excitement and then torture me with all the numbers - just let me skip. I'm old. I don't have time. Please consider :) Thank you :smiley:
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