Can we get slightly better rewards please? It basically only pays to finish 1st...

AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭
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...the rapid decline of value starting at 2nd place down to 5 seems unreasonably harsh to me. At least for my part, I do not invest money or playtime at all, if I can already deduce that the 1st spot will be out of my reach that season, because the drop from winning 12k down to 6k to 3k Gems is not worth the time, let alone all those gems I'd had to invest in order to finish 1st.

Also: Why would you not even use a consistent 50% rule between 1st and 4th place? In Diamond League Paint goes 250, 110, 50, 20, while Prestige goes 300, 200, 100, 50?

No fun :(

Maybe I fall back all the leagues just to get that unique 12k gems pot more often - not sure that is what you intend, would be unfair to all beginner players as well....PLEASE CONSIDER AN UPDATE THANKS :)

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