Update #2 Impressions

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- I love that there is a new vehicle - and with it a whole new set of driving skills necessary to handle it!
- I love that we have those lost levels in ranked mode now for a more diversified grind :)
- I appreciate that there are new ways to earn gems with quests, since gems are critical to get to higher finishing ranks and high finishes are paramount since lower ranks lack any convincing amount of rewards, which kills (at least my) motivation to hustle or invest money.
- In the same sense I love the new "retry for free"-button in ranked mode, so hopefully a certain amount of gems can be saved that way as well.
- And in general I am quite happy that Hutch keeps working on this promising game :)


- I wish the "airborne opponent and immediately finish"-bug was addressed at all :(
- At a certain point I would appreciate a slightly more diverse musical track library. That one song gives me nightmares already :D

What does anybody else think of this update?
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