Climbing League Observations

Climbing the league...starting the league grind wasnt a problem...wooden stone bronze silver yay...when i hit the gold league....amazingly enough (not)...i find that my maxed vehicles dont perform as well...suddenly they lose their stability!?!?
i can run the track prior to racing the league, to remind myself of it and do well no problems, then race the league an unresponsive vehicle!?!
call me mr cynical but gold league seems a biased to me and presumably will get worse in diamond
what have you noticed?


  • AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Never happened to me on my way to Diamond. I can count the number of lags on one hand so far. I don't think they would intentionally program traps like that into the game. The vast amount of fully upgraded and 20+ painting multiplying cars does a decent job all by itself to make it harder to progress :smile:
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