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As threatened, here are some stats from my runs. The first 2 Frequency tables are including the biggest outlier, the one excluding it comes at the end. I also separated the Gems and Paint graphs into 2 versions, one with and one without the highest outlier (for scale reasons). All runs had a 2 buyback maximum (except the outlier, who had 5 :anguished:). On the X-Axis are the number of games I've played and on the Y-Axis is the amount of Gems/Paint/Prestige. That's it. Enjoy ^-^

Descriptives including Outlier and including 23 fails (with Value 0):

Descriptives including Outlier and without 23 fails:


Including Outlier:

Without Outlier:

Including Outlier:

Without Outlier:

No Outlier :)

You can see on the graphs how the numbers are really distributed and that the overall impression differs from the frequencies numbers on the top. For example: Even though Paint has a mean of 109/140, you can easily see that most runs are actually below 100 Paint - and many even below 50! The reason for that is that means are sensitive to outliers and that's why the Median is a much better value to estimate the middle of a distribution. So if we take out the outlier and the Fails and look at the Mean plus this time the Median, we get the following (& most realistic) average representation:

Descriptives without Outlier and without 23 fails:

TL;DR / Conclusion: 

With a 78% Win Rate (23 losses out of 103 games) and after max. 2 buybacks (1.200 Gems) I tend to finish around (Median/Mean) Turn 13/15 with 1250 - 1823 Gems, 140 - 149 Prestige and 40 - 99 Paint :smile:

Does this match your numbers/goals, @Hutch?

*Not included: Fuels with 41 times out of 103 games at least ≥1 Fuel (39.80 %).
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