Top Drives PL 7.5 Update

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It's that special time of year; Top Drives 7.5 game update!

Discussion thread can be found here:

There's a bunch of behind-the-scenes, quality-of-life stuff going into this update. There will also be several corrections to car data. In addition:

  1. Changes to 4WD mechanics

  2. Leaderboard migration upon updating (more exciting than it sounds)

  3. Additional bug fixes

  4. Improvements to game boot times

  • Previously when you installed an update during an event, you would find yourself in a new leaderboard with other people, and would likely find your rank changed. With this update, you will still migrate to a new leaderboard, but the only other people that can join it are those who were in the same leaderboard as you before.
  • The ‘Rolling start’ icon will now appear on the opponent selection screen as well as the actual match screen.
  • Sometimes when you won a car from a Challenge, it wouldn’t show up in your holding pool unless you restarted the game. This is now fixed. The Austin-Healey Sprite is particularly happy about this.
  • Eagle-eyed players noticed that in the Santa Monica environment, some of the tracks would change the description of their surface between the opponent selection and match screens; this is now fixed. Also some of those challenges were missing names, these are now fixed too.
  • For Spanish-speakers: sorry, some your text was in Italian. This is now fixed!
  • A few players noticed that if you flip over a card and scroll to the bottom you can see a short bit of text about that car, in some cases. An even more elite group noticed that these descriptions on certain Jaguars were just a placeholder strings. Those have now been fixed.
  • Some players were sad to find that the diversity of ads they could watch was reduced to a Hutch TV promo, which was quite nice but even we have to admit does get a bit boring after a while. An exciting range of ads is now back again for those users.
  • If you tried to snag yourself an extra prize card after a match just as Leoni was about to show up offering you an upgrade, you would sometimes get an error. Not any more. You still can’t have an extra card though, sorry.
  • Players who were claiming white car packs - don’t worry, the pack art has been found and firmly glued on.
  • We increased the consistency of the name and art of Italian card packs. Sorry for any confusion.
  • The discount strikethrough now displays correctly in all languages.
  • A nice bonus for players on Android or Amazon devices: we Improved the boot time by around 15-25%.

Car corrections with this update:
2015 S30 McLaren P1™ GTR: Not that it needs it, but real-world tests show it can reach 217mph rather than 202mph, so we updated it.
2012 S29 Pagani Zonda 760RS (prize car): The 0-62mph time is coming down to 2.6s, which means you’ll see a 0-60 time of 2.5s on the card (only 1 decimal place, you see). The top speed also increased to 217mph and power up to 760BHP.
2008 S28 Caterham Levante: After a lot of investigation, this now has Traction Control!
2016 S27 Dodge Viper ACR: 0-60 improved from 4.0 to 3.4s. You may also find the mid-range acceleration a little better...
1996 S27 Dodge Viper GTS-R (prize car): Nobody has this yet, but the photo has now been corrected to show the race version
2002 A25 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (prize car): As some of you recently noticed, it’s actually a Cayenne Turbo. The name is now correct.
2003 B22 Infiniti M45: Photo corrected.
2011 B21 Infiniti M35: Year corrected to 2009, photo corrected.
2018 C17 Dodge Durango SRT: Yep, those stats didn’t match. Name and photo has been corrected to the GT version, and a few of the stats were tweaked too.
1991 E10 Chevrolet Lumina Z34: Changed to FWD. 0-60 and top speed improved slightly.
1991 E9 Dodge Stealth: Changed from RWD to FWD, date is actually 1995, and some other stats corrected (improving performance). Maybe nobody will notice…
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