Top Drives PL 7.6 Game Update

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This update has now been pushed live and should be reaching your devices over the coming 24 hours.

Game update 7.5 came with some dramatic changes that threw the hill climbing world into turmoil. A backend change to hill steepness resulted in a big shakeup in the hill climbing hierarchy. We updated the game to treat hills as if they were less steep, going from 60% to a more real-world-road peak incline of 18%.

It’s clear that things needed tweaking, but we ended up going too far. Your feedback confirmed this. Like changing the temperature in the shower, we went from scalding hot to ice-cold. Hill steepness went from severe to gentle, allowing many more 4WD vehicles to find good purchase and win a lot more races.

Many of you objected, and we think these objections were justified. We ran an in-game poll, asking you: “How steep hills should be based on which cars would DNF at stock?”. The result was clear that a peak incline of 50% made the most sense, so that’s what we’re going with in PL7.6. We’ve tested this extensively, and it works.

Even with this steepness adjustment, there were unexpected results in the poll, in particular a McLaren 12C could get up a 36% gradient dirt hill, and a Ford Scorpio had a similar profile to a Range Rover Mk1. Investigating this, we found traction wasn’t correctly handled on slopes, so this has now also been fixed.

Finally, some cars have a “hill climb bonus”; this gives them additional power when climbing hills to represent factors the physics model doesn’t handle in detail (for example, higher ground clearance should help on hills; having 6 tires should also help a bit!) With the fix from PL7.0, this factor was no longer as strong as it should have been, so hill climb bonuses have been improved.

A few other fixes:

Pagani Zonda 760RS MRA is now fixed.

The Ford C-Max in the campaign went past its top speed; we had changed the opponent in this race server-side but not client-side. This is now fixed.

Graphical errors in hand load/save screen should now be gone.

Players on Android 9 had issues viewing the in-game forum and were getting a black screen when viewing videos; this is now fixed.

Top Drives sometimes ran very slowly for some players on Android. If this affects you, you can fix it by logging in with Facebook and then following the instructions here

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