Greetings from Denmark

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Hi all,

My name is Kennet, and I'm from Denmark.

I accidentially stumbled upon Top Drives, as my son, Filip, was playing it on the Ipad. He asked me for some help, and as soon as I took a look at the game, I was hooked! I like cars in general, especially luxury cars. I love this game, and now I have completely taken over from Filip, so much that he doesn't even wanna play anymore (yeah, I'm a bad father! ;-)). 

However, I must say that I should probably have known about the value of the forum etc., as IG I have acted like the newbie I am. For instance, I have tuned both my Trailblazer AND my Datsun Rally Car wrong (TB is 969 and Datsun 996). Mistakes like these obviously hurt, when you only have one of each :-(. 

Anyway, I have been playing for almost 4 months now, and find the game exteremely fun. I'll bet it will be even more so, as I realized all the good stuff I can get from the discussion boards. I have really found som exteremely good tips, and if I was wondering before, how it looked as some users "magically knew" excactly which cars to choose for a new event, now I got it. so thanks to all of you vets, see you for a lot of good races, and hopefully some nice CF's for me (even though I spend very little money to buy gold and slots).

BTW: My IG name is Kennet La Cour.     
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