monaco 10 boss

i need help with the tvr race , here are my cars can some1 point me in tje right direction


  • civicfk7lxcivicfk7lx Posts: 2
    forgot this one haha
  • luckylumpiluckylumpi Posts: 67 ✭✭✭
    Well, you need 2 light cars with good  grip normally - to beat the KTM and the TVR.  The B19 Lotus Elise 135 should beat both (KTM and TVR) and you should tune the Lotus to maximum grip and maximum weight reduction (both 3.3 or 9 often called due to 9 upgrades). Engine then should be 2.3 or 6 upgrades at least. I guess you have tried the C17 Mazda RX-8 Sprit in both races, and it is too slow, is it?
    Normally something like the the C16 Caterham Seven 270 with same upgrade (engine 6, weight 9, grip 9) will beat the TVR as an easy to upgrade C class car, but you miss it. (do not care about the relatively low grip level of the caterham - 85 maxed, the low weight is the key here for fast cornering). 
    Eventually the B22 Jaguar can do the job, but it has to be fully upgraded and it is still a quite heavy car. I did not have it, so I could not test it for you, sorry. 
  • KenyboiiiKenyboiii Posts: 3
    Get your quickest, low RQ car to lose to the McLaren by the least amount of points possible, then you have saved some RQ to hopefully beat the other 4 races using your best cars, I used a 12 RQ maxed Chevy zr1 and won the other 4.

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