Some ideas that came into my mind! (No, they are not new!)

Suggested ideas:

Best prizes on the prize selection screen after the games:

- Add Super-Rare & Ultra Rare, with for example the following rarity:
   - Common - 5%
   - Uncommon - 25%
   - Rare - 67%
   - Super Rare - 2.5%
   - Ultra Rare - 0.5%

- Since it does not make sense that Rare cards are more common than uncommun and common, add evolution tokens for cars, 1 token = 1 evolution with for example the following rarity
   - Common - 45%
   - Uncommon - 35%
   - Rare - 19.4%
   - Super Rare - 0.5%
   - Ultra Rare - 0.1%

- Remove the possibility of using duplicates in all events to improve the strategy in the game and make more variety in the hands of the players, I speak only for myself but I HATE having repeated cars in my garage, for this it will be necessary to create a system of fusion for cars.
   - 3 Common> 1 Uncommon
   - 3 Uncommon> 1 Rare
   - 6 Rare> 1 Super Rare
   - 3 Super Rare> 1 Ultra Rare
   - 3 Ultra Rare> 1 Epic
   - 3 Epic> 1 Legendary
   - 3 Legendary> 1 Legendary & a random one from common to legendary

- Ensure certain cards after x packs.
   - If a legendary card has a 1% chance of droping
   - And an epic card has 5%
   - Opening a pack without any of the two rarities will increase the probability of them going up by:
      - Common Pack:
         - Epic: 0%
         - Lengendary: 0%
      - Uncommon Pack:
         - Epic: 0%
         - Lengendary: 0%
      - Rare Pack:
         - Epic: 5% (That is, the probability of an epic card coming out in the next package would be: 1.05 as 5% of 1% is added to the previous value, until it reaches a maximum of 100% which is a guarantee to drop one epic card
          - Lengendary: 0%
      - Super Rare Pack (Ceramic):
         - Epic: 10%
         - Lengendary: 5%
      - Ultra Rare (Carbon Fiber):
         - Epic: 15%
         - Lengendary: 10%
      - Ultra Rare x5 (Carbon fiber 5x):
         - Epic: 50%
         - Lengendary: 25%
   - The values ​​would have to be thought of so that by the end of ... 100 Ceramics you would get a legendary guaranteed and half for an epic. (Technically with these numbers we would be paying almost 4 million for a legendary car green money)
   - If a legendary car came out all the counters go back to zero.
   - If an epic car drops the odds of the legendary car dropping on the next pack goes down to ... 25% (of the amount that was increasing through packs) and the probability of dropping epic goes down to the start again.

- Offline game mode that is continuous
   - The weekly challenge ends after a week and it is necessary to wait 3 hours between games.
   - The campaign mode ends very quickly (but adding more campaign is very important, all the new maps should be added in the campaign, I think it did not hurt anybody and that nobody cared that for example it was offered an ultra rare prize car as a prize or offer an epic that is less used in events, but that is useful for newer players like for example a Volvo V60 Polestar or the Mitsubishi RQ24 with 5.2 from 0-60)
   - Something like ... waves?" Imagine something like Heartstone's Arena mode, but without the random cards, I like the fact that each person can use only the cards in his garage. A player goes in and plays until he loses a game, the more you win the better the prize, the tracks would be changing and the RQ limit as well. If this were to be added you could have both Online and Offline modes.

- Seeing our hand in the opponent choice (I found it more important early in the game, since when I started playing I was not sure what cards I had chosen for the event, and I could not compare my hand to my opponents' hands, I think it's important for new players)

It is crucial to improve the prizes currently received, new methods of getting a top garage.
I think the methods I mentioned above would not bring anything that would ruin the game altogether.
New players need to find ways to get good cards, because currently it is necessary to spend several months to have a minimally competitive garage. And yet....
What do you think? Give your opinion !!
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