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I just wanna show an example of what another game is doing (Command & Conquer: Rivals) when they add new cards:

As they add new cards, they increase the number of cards they give away per pack, because of the increasing number of possible cards one could pull. 

So in Top Drives language that could translate to improved drop rates or maybe even more cards per pack as well, why not. Because as of right now, the more cars that get added to the game, the more difficult it is to pull a specific one (not even mentioning yet the amount of junk Super Rares now) 


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    I like this idea. Either improved drop rates of 6 cards per pack.
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    O__VER said:
    Just as a side point to this:

    Because there are so many cars being added to this game and therefore certain cars are harder to pull, our only real way to try and more accurately pull certain cars is Premium packs.

    The fact that Premium packs cost more AND have worse drop rates than Ceramic packs is laughable. As the selection of cars in Top Drives becomes more diverse, I think Hutch should at least make the drop rates the same as Ceramic packs to ease frustration.

    Also there should be more variety of Premium packs available to buy at any time.
    That's a very good point. I'm against altering drop rates for carbons and regular ceramics as we'd simply face inflation and the worth of old garages would decrease (which wouldn't make most of us happy), but this doesn't cause such problem and actually fixes the issue of a single specific car being almost impossible to find

    You guys have better insight into the economy of the game, what do you think about it? 
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    Iirc Hutch were looking at this a while ago, something like an “original” pack was being thought about so you had better chance of pulling a car pre any update. 
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    I don't really think inflation will be a big issue, simply because lowering the price/increasing drop rates will incentivise more people to buy them, more than the money Hutch will lose of the discount.
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    This is a very good, and valid idea.

    I think especially Premium packs need to be reviewed from time to time, as more and more cars are added. They cost 30% more than a regular Ceramic, and have slightly worse drop rates. The reason for that AFAIK is that you have better chances to get a certain car using those packs.

    I did the math, and here are the results. This table shows you what your chances are to find a certain car (assuming of course you want a car that can be acquired from that certain premium pack). The columns show the class of that certain car, the rows show the pack bought. Swedish pack is there just for fun, you can see why that doesn't exist by looking at those numbers.

    You can instantly see, that you have significantly higher chances to find what you want if you buy a Premium pack compared to a regular Ceramic. That's no surprise, the less cars that Premium pack can contain, the higher the chances.

    But the most interesting thing is the pre-AD packs, those were the chances of the packs before the American Dream update. You can see that by adding all those AD cars, the added value (higher chances) of the USA premium packs decreased a lot. And that's just the recent update.

    TL, DR: So yeah, it might be a good idea to re-think the premium packs every now and then.

    Edit: BTW, does anyone know what happened to Diesel/SUV/5 Seater etc packs? When did those disappear?

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    Because I think this should get some new attention. Other than that I already have suggested a new idea for drop rates in another thread.


    "Regarding drop rates, as far as it stands, your drop rate doesn’t change. You will always have the same drop rate for a legendary in the 1st ceramic or in the 12th ceramic you buy. This means that you can have a very long thirst stretch (In a case from a Forum member over 1.5 years) without gettin a single legendary.

    I don’t know if this topic was ever properly addressed or if there were any useful proposings in changing that. But I’m questioning myself: Why don’t they slowly increase the drop chance of a S with every pack where you didn’t get one. (For example by 0,1%). This change wouldn’t be that crucial but it would eliminate the chance of insane unlucky pulls over a long time. It would also not be a buff for whales because they would buy the CF packs no matter what and with the amount of packs they already buy, I don’t think it would change much for them. This would only help f2p players. This system also exists in many other games.

    And before anyone says that Hutch only wants our money, let’s forget this aspect for a moment. Other than that, the guarantee of getting a S car with that slow increase of pull chance over the time would buff sales in my opinion."

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