Let's talk Max Cash

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Hey guys,

I want to cover some of the mechanics of Race Kings and talk about the logic behind them. One area that gets a lot of discussion, and often causes frustration, is 'Max Cash'.
"Whyyyyy does it even exist??" is a common and often reasonable question.

Why Max Cash?
- In Race Kings, you graduate from placing $25 bets all the way through to $5m bets. Car upgrades through Class C to Class S have to rise along a similar scale. If you win a single Class S bet of $5m, you immediately have enough cash to buy every single upgrade for a Class B car. Because you can bet and raise against each other, we have to be very careful to ensure it’s not too easy for a late game player to effectively donate a new player so much money they can skip weeks of progress. Instituting a level-based Max Cash is our way of guarding against this.

- Another challenge is that we want betting and raising to always feel exciting. If you have enough money to lose thousands of bets without blinking, no race will be exciting. That’s why even top ranked Race Kings have a Max Cash of $100m. It makes it more poker-like, and levels of risk and danger are significantly higher than if you are betting 0.01% of your total cash each race.

- If you hit Max Cash, focus on achieving your next rank objectives - you get a higher Max Cash for every star you earn. If Max Cash is making it difficult to progress, try buying a fresh car - it’s very cheap to gain EDGE on new cars so this can give you a real boost.

This is a bit of a mindset change with Race Kings. We want you racing and drifting lots of different cars and burning through them, and buying new cars.

*Updates to Max Cash
We looked at the data and more players than intended were reaching Max Cash from rank 2.1 - 4.3. We've updated the ceiling to a more appropriate level. You can check the data here in columns I and J:

It would be good to get your thoughts on this.
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