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(Unhappy with) car pack

Caitlin_Penny17Caitlin_Penny17 Member Posts: 6
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Hi there. So, I bought a car pack in the weekly challenge titled 'Hybrid Cars' (Because eco friendly cars are required) but I didn't get any hybrids, nor anything tagged as eco friendly. This is a massive waste of 149 gold, especially seeing as I was almost at enough for a new carbon fibre pack.

My device is a Wileyfox Swift 2 and it runs Android.
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  • GsearchGsearch Member, Administrator, Wrenchmen, Senior Wrenchmen Posts: 2,366 admin
    I am sorry you didn't get the car that you wanted/needed, but what is in each pack is clearly listed below it.   So calling this false advertisement is not really the true.
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