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what the heck ?!?!?

mckennzmckennz Member Posts: 14

I just did series 7 race x5....... and I won all my events.
2 races even had the other players car break down.
I see me win in the standings at end of the round.
I see the WINNER sign
I see all the gold ( 4,000,000 ) get placed under me
and I see the free 3hour crate.

Next it goes into the overall standings.
I see that I havent' moved ( still 15th )
Wasn't awarded my mony ( still stuck at 52,000,000..... should be 72m )
Didn't receive my end of race free 3h crate

and I didn't even receive my race points towards the 100pt crate

talk about an absolute waste of 30 minutes

I hope they get this mess fixed


  • SnowyOwlSnowyOwl Member Posts: 241 ✭✭✭
    Please stop posting already known bugs in general instead of report bug
  • MarcoMaleMarcoMale Member Posts: 9
    They should make a complaints section
  • SnowyOwlSnowyOwl Member Posts: 241 ✭✭✭
    MarcoMale said:
    They should make a complaints section
  • mckennzmckennz Member Posts: 14
    I suppose my point here was that.... a bug happens every so often.
    As of writing this now... I've done about 25 races in 2 days, only 1 has actually registered. ( so that's a lot of lost 3hour crates )
    When it happens sporadically, its a bug
    When it happens permanently, its a feature.
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