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So I'm relatively new to the forums, I've been around for a while but don't really post much. The reason why I'm dragging myself is to bring a small discussion about the Hill Climb [Dirt] events since I feel like they could be very unbalanced in some cases and want to know what other people's thoughts are. You're probably thinking: "Oh man here's another one of these noobs who doesn't know the mechanics", and to be fair I honestly don't know a lot, but maybe someone could provide their two cents on this topic and help explain the issues that I'm presenting here.

1. Ride Heights

Maybe Hutch is just being Hutch and they slipped up with this one, but could there be another reason, like the Benz being lighter, better MRA, or top speed? But even still, I feel like those wouldn't be a convincing factor for it to win. Does anyone know if the results would be different if it were to be in the rain (I imagine it would be the same)?

I feel like this event should be more biased towards cars/trucks with greater heights, and especially Off-road cars for several reasons, and although the following points include All-Surface cars too, I believe that the reasons contribute to the idea as a whole.
  • All-surface 4WD cars can heavily dominate against Off-road 4WD cars in drags because there is no incline involved, however the same isn't proportionate when dealing with a track with turns — You can lose many more points from a drag than a twisty circuit given the same cars.
  • The likelihood of an All-surface 4WD car winning on a track with turns against an Off-road 4WD is greater than, an Off-road 4WD car winning on a track with no turns against an All-surface 4WD car.
The reason I bring this up is because I feel Off-road 4WD cars should have a greater edge against the All-surface 4WD, since the latter doesn't struggle as much with turning as Off-road 4WD cars do with gaining speed. I have seen greater instances of All-Surface cars winning against Off-road cars in slaloms, but rarely if not ever, an Off-road 4WD car winning a drag. That could be a bias from might side just from the events that I participated in, but what are your thoughts about it if you've ever come across such an issue?

2. DNF Hill Climbs

Unfortunately I don't have images to show for this one, but I feel like others can relate. Lets say 2 cars are battling it out on our beloved Hill Climb track (lets say its dirt and raining too as track conditions). Both cars have AWD, are of different types and can both complete the track. If you already know where I'm going with this skip to the question, but if not let me explain the scenario:

Lets say you enter the event with a car not suitable for the track, and wind up not completing it against your opponent, you then get penalized 250 points simply because your car didn't comply with the conditions. Sure that sounds like a plausible feature and lowkey it is your fault, but is it fair against the other scenario..?

If you're trapped in the other situation what happens is that you have the possibility to lose by 300 or even over 400 points; thats worse than a car not completing a track at all. So that brings me to my main question:
Why is a car thats fully capable of completing the track, burdened more than a car that isn't? 
This doesn't make sense to me in the slightest, I feel like this mechanic is by far the most broken in this game — more than the whimsical world of MRA physics. And to tell you the truth highkey its not our fault. You brought a car to fight this battle and even though you made a poor choice, the car still did meet the requirements of this event so you shouldn't be trailing behind the people who didn't even get the right car in the first place; if I had the option of leaving my entry blank and not bringing a car into the event, I would take it because I know I'd get 0 points instead. 

 Solutions that I have to this is are (the first isn't entirely viable):
  1. Doubling the penalty of incompletion to 500 since in most cases that would cover the externality of actually completing the track late. 
  2. You decide, because I really don't have many ideas.
The ultimate goal I want to arrive at is R E B A L A N C I N G and I can't stress this enough for the game to be more fair. Sorry if I came off as harsh, stern, sounding like I'm trying to start an argument and more apologetically the sass, but I really do enjoy playing Top Drives a lot and want to make it better i.e. more balanced and not get outrageous results, otherwise I'd like to know your input on this topic. I will hopefully be amending/updating this thread with suggestions and thoughts on this issue. 

Also why do the forums not have BB-Code colors :(


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    You're in the wrong forum here, this is for incorrect factual information not gameplay mechanics changes.

    The 280GE is a faster car generally, even if being much slower off the line gives it a higher 0-60, so it's simply winning hill climb through better acceleration. That's why it's only 1RQ less despite the fairly large deficit in handling. The hint system is often mistaken in close results like this. As far as I'm aware the actual ground clearance is not recorded in the game files, it's simply low/medium/high.

    When comparing cars you have to bear in mind that RQ isn't an inherent characteristic. So plenty of off-road cars beat lower RQ all surface cars. It's just that off-road tyres have so much grip in poor conditions even the fast low grip ones end up doing well on handling tracks so they get given the same RQ as worse handling but faster all surface cars. 

    The DNF scoring for some tracks can be odd but it's more of an aesthetic issue than a balance one since DNF cars are usually easier to find than ones that lose by a large margin. 
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    Weight is also a big factor on hill climb
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    You're in the wrong forum here, this is for incorrect factual information not gameplay mechanics changes.
    @Gsearch ... please move to appropriate forum
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