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Issue with crate after winning

bow6nbow6n Member Posts: 63 ✭✭
ive won 4 races now, and ive not recieved a single crate yet, and im getting disconnected quite often when in a race, anyone else having these issues? 


  • richyboy1980richyboy1980 Member Posts: 2
    Most people! No money after winning, no crates and no points. Not point in playing at the moment!
  • SnowyOwlSnowyOwl Member Posts: 241 ✭✭✭
    I had the issue for a while
    fixed for me now somehow
  • CultOfTrajanCultOfTrajan Member Posts: 12
    This issue seemed to get better last week.  But the last 2 days it's come back, it seems.
  • CknuckSK8CknuckSK8 Member Posts: 5
    Agreed, it was Better for a few days but it is intermittent at best as far as be awarded anything. 
  • CultOfTrajanCultOfTrajan Member Posts: 12
    I haven't had a problem with crate or money drops for the past 2 days....until ironically the 1st race AFTER I applied the new Update.  Coincidence perhaps?  Or maybe you shouldn't apply the update...
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