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Traffic slows cars down far too much

StrixStrix Member Posts: 68 ✭✭✭
Not exactly a bug, but here goes..

I find that whoever qualifies best wins, because you're losing ridiculous amounts of time if you're caught in traffic. The AI drives very poorly when other cars are near. This ruins the fun for me, as no tactic can remedy it when whoever is up in front saves so much time they could pit on every lap if so desired. You should really improve this, or implement a "Accept the loss and move on"-button I can press directly after qualification to spare me the pain of watching the entire race.


  • ShockoutShockout Member Posts: 2
    I realized that too. Soon after the start of some races several cars are very close and almost stop at the first corner. On some tracks this happens more often.
  • SnowyOwlSnowyOwl Member Posts: 241 ✭✭✭
    edited June 17
    It’s because there is a best line system and due to the congestion they are all aiming for the line but the ai is also trying to overtake and defend making them spread out and move really slow
    atleast thats what I have experienced
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