RQ19 BMW 135i Convertible

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The BMW 135i was never sold in any spec other than M-Sport – it's a 3L twin turbo engine so it makes sense. This therefore is not a 135i because it has the non-M bodykit.

I actually found an image of the rear of the exact same car which looks like this:

The 135i has twin exhausts on the left hand side, so this is clearly a lower spec such as a 120i.

A 135i should look like this (Note the more sculpted air intakes in the lower bumper):

I would also suggest that the handling is a little low when compared to the two 130i models. The 135i was the model in the range and should have the same mechanicals underneath as the 130i, except a better engine. So I would imagine this should go up to RQ20 or 21 with at least 81 handling, potentially more since BMW tends to strengthen cars to accomodate more power.


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