Cadillac ELR


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    Year Model 2014 - 2016


    174 kW / 237 PS / 233 hp (SAE net)


    506 Nm / 373 ft-lb    

    Top speed:

    209 km/h / 130 mph

    0-60 mph (sec):


    0-100 km/h (sec):


  • Master3194Master3194 Posts: 149
    Top Speed: 209 Km/h / 130 mph
    0-60 Time: 6.4 sec
    0-100 km/h: 6.8 sec
    Fuel Type: Hybrid
    Power: 237 PS
    Torque: 506 Nm.
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    Automobile catalog does not do their own testing and a lot of their numbers are either estimates or manufacturer claims.  Please provide a link to an instrumented test.  Thank you
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    Indeed, they do their estimates on the vehicle accelerations, so it will be wise to not use them (even though most of the times their 0-60 estimates aren't even that far off to irl)

    As for their manufacturer claims section, I would suggest finding a review from sites such as Car & Driver, Road and Track, etc, and if they're all unavailable (e.g. car not sold in the US), I would go for AC's factory claims section.

    It's just my thoughts, not sure about others
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    I just looked into the link Master3194 provided, and it was indeed under the manufacturer claims section.

    And the only review I could find regarding the ELR is the 2014 model reviewed by C&D. Couldn't find 2016 reviews anywhere.
    Their 8.1 second 0-60 result is only 0.1 second off from AC's manufacturer claims.
    Which means they aren't untrustworthy.
    And back to the 2016 model, as I just mentioned, it is listed under manufacturer claims as seen here.
    So honestly I just don't see the problem with using manufacturer claims, sure manufacturer may over or underrate their cars, but it's still something...
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