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How to get fusion credits in Rebel Racing?

BooshooBooshoo Member Posts: 1

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  • markhavenocashmarkhavenocash Member Posts: 1
    Hi there

    I've finished all ladder competitions and Boss races. Ik can moet only race the Easy money tracks. Does This mean i did IT all and i completed the game?
  • StuppulStuppul Member Posts: 1
    I have the same question, more or less. I've been playing the game for 36 days in a row now, and have finished levels D, C, B, and A. I'm now close to playing the last boss on level S, and so far I have not received a single fusion credit. I also see that there's something called "resources", but I have not received a single one of those either. The only thing I have received are augments and keys - both bronze, silver and gold.

    Am I missing something big in this game...? Some hidden race mode or something?
  • Hutch_KatieHutch_Katie Member, Administrator, Wrenchmen, Hutch Staff, Senior Wrenchmen Posts: 44 admin
    Hey @markhavenocash @Stuppul

    We will be bringing in Events soon, so you wont be able to get Fusion credits until then. However, your games aren't over yet - we've set up a player-vs-player event that you can join in on. We'd love to hear your feedback on the PvP event!

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