PL 10.0 - Italian Renaissance - Patch Notes - September 2019

Good Afternoon All!

PL10 is now being pushed LIVE. It may take a couple of hours for your device to receive the update, but it is on its way!
Below are the patch notes, so you know what to expect from the latest update.

Lamborghini is Here

The third and final chapter in the Renaissance Saga is upon us, this time with an Italian flair that brings Lamborghini to Top Drives, further expanding the largest car roster in the world to over 1,600 total cars.

We are adding 69 Lamborghini models. Based on player suggestions, we doubled the number of Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat/Abarth, and Pagani models with over 80 additional cars for these manufacturers.

Filters v2 aka Superfilters

We asked for quality of life improvements you wanted to see. A more powerful Filter system came up again and again, with so many suggestions of what you wanted to filter by. We wanted to work on a new Filters purpose built for Top Drives in 2019 and beyond.

We built the new Filter system from the ground up, using a Top Drives query language, giving us more power to add lots of features to the system and to keep it running really smoothly, even with a garage of hundreds or thousands of cars.

  • As before, you can filter by Rarity, Country, Decade, Manufacturer, Tyre Type, Drive Type, Update Collections, Tags

  • We have added the option to filter by Ranges: RQ and Year, enabling you to find very specific cars to fill out your RQ limit, or filter in advance for events that ask for cars from particular years that aren’t decades.

  • We have added all missing Manufacturers to the list, regardless of the number of cars that belong to them. That’s 51 in total!

  • We have added a bunch of heavily requested filter categories: Ground Clearance, Body Style, Fuel

  • We have added a new kind of filter, Variables. This is filtering to values of cars that change. We have added the Status category to house these and eight of these filters:

    • Locked

    • Unlocked

    • Upgraded

    • Fully Upgraded

    • Can be Upgraded (cars with fewer than 24 upgrades)

    • Can be Fused (cars at 1.3 or 2.3, with fewer than 24 upgrades)

    • Currently Fusing

    • Fuse Completed (cars with an upgrade stat of 2.0 or 3.0, with fewer than 24 upgrades)

  • Additionally, we have added a numerical Preview, so you can see how many cars you own within each filter category, based on the selected filters, before applying it. 

    • e.g. Apply a 90s filter and tap on country to see how many 90s cars you own within each country without leaving the filter screen.

    • If there are no models, the filter is greyed out and unselectable. So, for example, you can be confident that you’ve locked all cars, or purchased all possible cash upgrades for your cars.

  • You can also Reset filters without leaving the Filter screen


Multiple selected filters in the same category have an ‘or’ relationship (e.g. display all cars that have Medium OR High ground clearance), filters from separate categories have an ‘and’ relationship (e.g. Display all cars that are RWD and have Standard tyres).

Race Criteria Pre Filtering

The new filters apply on top of any criteria for a Campaign, Challenge, Event, or Club Event that are enabled from the pre-match screen. Once enabled, you will be filtering between cars that already meet the selected criteria. The holding pool also functions in this way.

A few other things

  • We’ve reviewed the OS versions we support and increased the minimum supported version across iOS and Android. Minimum versions are now Android 6.0 and iOS 10. Amazon is to remain on Fire OS 5.

  • Accelerated boot times by up to 38% on low end devices and by 17% on high end devices 

  • The number of car tags visible above cards has been increased from 2 to 3

  • Some early game balance changes have been made. For those keeping track of challenge sets UK7’s gravel G-Force is now dry asphalt.

  • Our back-up Top Secret pack art now uses the standard stripe notation to show the minimum guaranteed card rarity.

Car Corrections (More info on its way in another thread)

  • Over 60 corrections made to existing cars. These will be posted shortly.

  • Working with a group of players, Evo, and manufacturers directly, we made over 150 preemptive corrections to PL10 cars

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, in the day after an update, players could be matchmade against players of a different client version in Club Events, resulting in server errors

  • Fixed an issue where players would win a Challenge match by 3 stars, but only be able to claim 2 prizes and wouldn’t be able to progress.

  • Straighten out the splines in the final straight in Nürburgring North Loop and North Loop Relay 5 in the rain to prevent cars from erroneously braking.

  • Fixed an issue where tapping the Leoni Rewarded Ad Upgrade pop-up would result in a server error

  • Fixed a few cars that had incorrect prize and non-prize car tags

  • Fixed a rare issue where currency prizes in Challenge would fail to update your displayed currency balance

  • Players reported currency values not updating at all. This is because currency values are updated before prize board picks - but you see your milestone prize (e.g. 10,000 cash) after prize board picks. You’ll now claim milestone prizes before prize board picks, and see your currency balance update accordingly.

  • Implemented text scaling in the Holding Pool for cars with excessively long names. Here’s looking at you, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale (2nd gen).

One more thing… Maserati

We’re also introducing Maserati to Top Drives with 44 new models, representing every rarity level, and including the MC12 Stradale!

Keep an eye on your Play/Apple Stores for your update prompt.

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