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Gold for recourses

grandalfgrandalf Member Posts: 4
How do you get more gold to buy resourses.. I can't upgrade now and don't want to have to buy gold online.. 


  • shamsham Member Posts: 2
    I want to know the same. Stuck at the current level and can't progress without paying.  Not doing that 
  • Hutch_IanHutch_Ian Member, Hutch Staff Posts: 230 Wrenchman
    You can find Resources in Easy Money and Double Payout races, they drop at random but you should start getting them as you play. We've also added Resources to the Ladder and Boss Races, there's a chance you got stuck mid tier and missed them.

    Can you post which Tier you are in, what car you have and how upgraded it is?
  • grandalfgrandalf Member Posts: 4
    I have been playing for ages now and still have not got any resourses come up for level S.. I have $400,000 but cant upgrade.. I'm nearly ready to delete the game because its now getting frustrating 
  • grandalfgrandalf Member Posts: 4
    I have the Ford gt at level S.. engine and gearbox are at max.. thecrestcat level 4.. it's been that way since the last game update
  • KaffeLars71KaffeLars71 Member Posts: 1
    All that stupid resources you need for upgrade. Got loads of money but need randome reources! I quit!  It is time to give the bytes to an other game!
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