How do you feel about the length of Races?

Good Afternoon Rebels! >:)

We are interested in your feedback! Please let us know with your votes how you feel about the length of the races in Rebel Racing ...

How do you feel about the length of Races? 17 votes

Too Short!
PolitoD3nzelloBooshooAlermomarkhavenocashshamVolvoaleo 8 votes
CasualMobileGamerjohns294XenoneXREALAIS 4 votes
Just right
Hutch_TimmeowmeowloldavisC4GTSclivesibThayne 5 votes
Too long!


  • cliffcliff Posts: 10
    I can’t answer the poll because none of the answers match my thoughts. Short races are good, longer races are good, I’d just like to see some even longer races in the game...
  • REALAISREALAIS Posts: 660 ✭✭✭
    Yeah, question is not so great. Because each Tier has different races. I would say A tier has decent lenght for races. D Tier should have slightly longer races. 
    I enjoy races between 25-30 seconds, and sometimes would like longer races.
    I dont enjoy those 14-15 seconds races with straights. Those are booring. 
    More turns more skill.

  • D3nzelloD3nzello Posts: 57 ✭✭
    Too Short!
    I agree its a tad too short, you have to pretty much have a flawless race due to the limited lenght. Maybe make it 1/3 longer so you have time left to eventually correct that one mistake you made and catch up.
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