4-2-2 Pitstop strategy.

I got Kmag lvl 2. He comes with amazing fuel consumption and apalling tyre usage.
On Monza and a few other tracks, I start him on hard tyres for 4 rounds, 3-4 of them I drive him slow to save fuel, and then 2 times soft tyres for full speed.

A workaround when a driver can't do 3 laps on soft tyres, due to tyreusage.


  • AvalerogAvalerog Posts: 1
    It is not a bad strategy. It runs well. Somrtimes, you could lose some places in the first stint. 
  • Legend81Legend81 Posts: 94 ✭✭
    Try hard tires, for new comers. But only in  first stint, just do 4 laps on hard, don't try to overtake, overtake will eat your tires and fuel in first 5 laps. Overtake is fun in last 3 laps only.
  • Legend81Legend81 Posts: 94 ✭✭
    Game is fun after your Grosjean is level 8 or 9
  • Carlos Sainz at Level 5 is a perfect fit for this strategy. His fuel management is good enough that he can go Medium Speed for the last two laps on Hards before switching to Softs. If you manage to get your average pit time low enough, then you can even switch out your set of Hards for two sets of Softs.

    Unfortunately, this strategy only works for races with 8 laps. In races with 6, 7 or 9 laps you need to go back to the drawing board. It also doesn't help when you're dealing with rain, or when you're racing in Flyaway and the weather changes every 30 to 50 seconds.
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