Lamborghini Diablos

I'm pretty sure the MRA hierarchy for the 25RQ Diablos was supposed to be the other way around.

In Top Drives regular Diablo is the fastest, it's followed by the SV, and then the SE is the slowest.
Cars in the pictures are upgraded; 333 for the regular one, 363 for the SV, and 633 for the SE. It makes it even more ridiculous that the base model wins.

In reality, the SV has 25hp more than the regular Diablo (that should also be changed as both cars have 492hp in game). Diablo was Lamborghini's first car to cross the 200mph barrier, and the SV was no different with the top speed of 204mph as opposed to the value of 186 in game.
They're basically the same car so it seems obvious that the more powerful version should be faster. I'm leaving the cosmetic differences out, because it's impossible that such subtle changes would make so big difference in acceleration, even if we considered a potential change of aerodynamic characteristics.

Now onto the SE. It is also built on the base trim Diablo. It is the lightest and the most powerful of the trio. The SE was designed as a "street-legal race vehicle". Considering it's characteristics, I believe it could also use a single handling point more over the SV. The things that differ SE from the base trim include:
-power increase of 38hp;
-adjustable-stiffness anti-roll bars which could be controlled on the go;
-magnesium intake manifolds;
-replacing the power glass side windows with fixed plexiglas;
-removing luxury features;
-carbon fiber seats;
-special magnesium alloy wheels.

To sum the things up, here's what I think needs a change:

Diablo SV
horsepower: 492 -> 510
top speed: 186mph -> 204mph
mid-range acceleration improvement (better than base Diablo)

Diablo SE
mid-range acceleration improvement (better than both)


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    There are many Lamborghini threads already and it has been noted that MRA is being reviewed.
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    mikes said:
    There are many Lamborghini threads already and it has been noted that MRA is being reviewed.
    I'm glad it is, but I haven't seen a single thread about the SE.
    Besides that, I've mentioned more stuff than just the MRA.
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