Mazda Furai

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The Mazda Furai in PL10 was corrected to have slick tyres. However, after seeing a few photos of the rear, it seems as though the Furai may have performance tyres afterall. It is semi-slicks, which are counted as performance tyres in TD (sometimes its not I think). 


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    The one on track uses Slick Tire
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    We are looking for a long time for the Furai's tyres. The best I found so far is "it came on Kumho tailor made tyres". Sure they had different types, but since it was made as concept car for demo purpose on race tracks I don't think they were planning to use it very often in rain. (if they only knew that water can prevent fire!)

    So yeah, slick tyres in game reflect best what the car was made for. But what I would like to point out than is how it compares to other cars like the Caterham R500...

    Power: 450/263 bhp
    weight: 675/506 kg
    ratio:  670/520 bhp/t
    tyres: slicks/CR500 semi slick (?)
    gearbox: sequential/manual, with the weight of total 506 kg
    body style: aerodynamic, down force/everything but aerodynamic
    heritage: racing technologie/track oriented, starting price 37k£

    with those elementary stats the ratio IG seems wrong. The R500 wins pretty much anything slower than fast circuit but should lose everything maybe except from the slalom test. Also the handling of the Furai (92) was always to low compared to one of the 201x Porsche GT2/3 (92-93) and now with slicks it's even more wrong.

    37k $ -> 37k£
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    It should be an RQ 28 epic if all that's taken into account. Making it a legend when so many players have it would be unfair towards the rest (and I'm saying that with 3 of them in my garage). 
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    that sounds right! maybe it would be best to say as a general rule: that if a car used to be an Epic and then for whatever reasons cracks that RQ27 barrier it should even than stay an Epic. Upgrading costs for a Legendary are so high no one can afford it for a car that used to be a class lower. eEg. the Porsche Cayenne GTS, it's completely out of the game if you didn't upgrade it previous. That doesn't help anyone, not even hutch.
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    That's true, after the camaro ZL1 1LE corrections were made it was bumped to 28 rq but stayed an epic, they could correct the performance of this car and do the same.
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