Compilation of Viable Suggestions

@Hutch_Chris @Hutch_Katie

This is a compilation of good ideas I have heard from players on this forum along with their forum names for credit. I think this game has a lot of potential and I enjoy it so I want to see new additions and edits to make it even better! 


-Add chapters in different locations like night mode, snow locations, los angeles/ las vegas 

-Add longer races (1.5 minutes maybe?)

-Add tuning of cars

-Add tuning like spoilers, body kits?, Etc 

-Add events based on holidays (halloween, xmas, etc)


-Remove or improve fuel system 


-Add harder races 


-Add best time tracking for experimenting with fastest places to use nos, how to corner, etc 


-Add spedometer 


-Add option to buy fusion credits because events are too few and far between to fuse high level cars 

-shorten event finishing time


-Add elo ladder seasons

-Add cup series

-Add more opportunities to gain trophies 

-Add multiple events taking place at once (events across multiple tiers?) 

-Remove fuel system to get players more invested... I believe they would spend more $ on microtransactions than on more fuel in the long run 

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