has anyone else noticed with their matchmaking that they are getting matched with people who have way better drivers then you?
my past 10 races I’ve lost by a lot because I start in 21st or below and everyone I’ve faced has all started between 2nd and 8th, so there is no possible way for me to catch up and win!


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    Some drivers have the skills needed to make up the difference. 

    If you've built a car that is similar to another player, the only thing that separates you is how to manage talent and race strategy.

    Take a look at this video posted by one of the Forum users:

    It might be time to find a new driver!
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    I’ve tried swapping drivers/parts, and of course In the video he will come from behind, his drivers are maxed and they can use boost from lap 4, I’m just starting out I can’t do crazy stuff like that I can barely boost 1.5 laps
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    You may need to reset your qualifying times.

    Anytime a driver is used that hasn't driven the current version of your upgraded car, he will need to set personal bests at each track. 

    Run a few races with the objective of moving EACH car a few grid positions higher than they started.

    Good luck. See you on the track.
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     Why does this game constantly screw you with mismatch’s? It makes me want to stop playing entirely 
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    k2boggs said:
    Why does this game constantly screw you with mismatch’s? It makes me want to stop playing entirely 

    Check your qualifying times.

    Your opponent may have a longer pit stop.
    No race runs with the same strategy.
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    I do think that the matchmaking needs to be looked at more closely too. Sure it is very much possible to win with a lesser team but that should be more then exception than the rule. At the moment I have been encountering the very same problems as the the OP that I have over the last 2 weeks effectively gone backwards as  I have only been able to win at most 25% of races due to being matched with far superior teams. Also I do see we don't want to be sitting waiting for a match for much longer than we are but it would still be nice to have more closely matched opponents at least while we have this in my opinion stupid winner takes all race format. I do understand that the devs need to make money too and this is one way to encourage people to buy stuff but st least for me losing all the time is not fun.

    Now if they changed how the game works to either prizes for you placing or something else that meant you never lost all of your money from losing a race then it may not matter as much.
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    Matchmaker currently not working at all. Kicks me out every time and with a limited amount of time I have spent 100k for nothing. Not to mention the amount of times I have been booted half way through a game or matchmaking losing money without even racing ! 
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