Forced Reboot

Right during my Suzuka round of qualifying. No chance to replay. Zero points for the event. Couldn’t reboot AFTER the race??? At least it was round one so I can still make the tournament. 

Not cool, guys...

Throw me a few Bottas cards if you want to make it right😂


  • LeocarrerLeocarrer Posts: 1
    My game is showing a "Restart" warning all the time today. happened just now in the middle of a tournament qualifying race, I lost valuable points for that.
  • Jl86Jl86 Posts: 1
    I just had a forced reboot during a race as well. 😂. TFF. 

    One star and no money it is. Glad this is just something to pass the time. 
  • DFYFZXDFYFZX Posts: 18
    edited January 22
    If it happens to everyone during the first quali day, I guess it’d be fair across the board. Still sucks. I hate the auto crashing on Shanghai enough to almost skip this tournament anyway, then this...
  • LagerthaLagertha Posts: 1
    Forced reboot during race. I want my 600000 coins back.
  • Mauro1Mauro1 Posts: 2
    Twice forced reboot. Once the race didnt count but I didnt get my coins back in China. Second time, singapore, I got 26 points and when I am about to claim my coins after, forced reboot. I go to check if I got my 26 points and I only got 3. What con you do to help me with this because I love the game but this is not fair. 
  • BrainBeatBrainBeat Posts: 5
    Yeah I had the same just now but I seem to have lost at least 18 flag ranking points too. Before the restart I had 389 points and it made me restart halfway in to the first lap of a race it looked like I was probably going to lose. After the restart I seemed to have retained all of the points and and was still on 389. So I went to do another of the second tier races which I won and instead of having 395 points I am back to 379 and possibly have lost the money I earned from the last few races too.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • daxospacemandaxospaceman Posts: 1
    Same. During a race in Suzuka, lap 2. 
  • DFYFZXDFYFZX Posts: 18
    edited January 23
    Ok. So if I click on my rankings icon to see where I stand this week in Contender 3, it forces a reboot EVERY time. 
  • DFYFZXDFYFZX Posts: 18
  • DFYFZXDFYFZX Posts: 18
    Q2 is ruined now. Marina Bay reset on me. I played it and finished 1/2 and got 3 points for it. I got 41 points at Shanghai then 47 at Marina Bay. Showing 44 total and ready to play Rd 3. Apparently some folks aren’t having issues because there’s lots of folks kicking butt like normal. Hopefully the Devs somehow make this up to those of us getting screwed. Ridiculous...
  • DFYFZXDFYFZX Posts: 18
    edited January 23
    Finished Q2. With my net 43 points I was stiffed from Marina Bay, I should have 215. Hopefully someone fixes this mess or I guess I’ll try again tomorrow...
  • DFYFZXDFYFZX Posts: 18
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