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    Same thing happened with the 787B & SCG003S, after American Dream & French Ren. dropped
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    TGPD said:
    To be brutally honest though, this update is the only one in a painfully long time that any manner of palpable change was made to this game for the better. The garage scrolling bug is fixed, the owners issue fixed, new substance added... Despite all the bugs being introduced from previous updates I like this one quite a lot.
    Probably because I've lowered my expectations so much for previous updates...

    1) Garage scrolling bug didn't exist prior to PL10. It was a mistake that took WAAAAAY too long to fix considering they already had a working code for it from PL9.
    2) Owner's events - still not fixed. Allegedly coming in PL11.1 but no word on when we will actually see a rerun of a prize car. It could be another month.
    3) New game mode introduced but only works up to stage 3 after which the whole game crashes. As a major gameplay issue this should have been a day 1 (okay...week 1) hot fix.

    I think you have indeed lowered your expectations. Mine might be too high. I appreciate them working on improving the game, but I disapprove of their release schedule policies. What the game needs is more frequent small hot fixes released every 2 weeks, even if they only resolve 1-2 minor issues. With the current practice of issuing major updates, more often than not the case is "fix 15 issues, create 10 new ones" (so, yes the game is slowly improving)
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    That 600LT sure can put up a fight
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    PL11.1 ? if it takes much longer we can go directly to PL12, 500 new cars, wouldnt mind,
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    Those cars really are so different in handling? Both say "GTE". New update car, better stats. Tho car is 13 years older.
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